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In Stride…

Posted by on July 16, 2013

author-picI find myself trying to eke out every inch and every minute out of the day to get what needs to be done now that I’m back to my full-time job. Writing is a luxury for me and one that is not easily attained these days. However, it’s something I can’t live without so I’m taking the moments that I have to indulge when and where I can – in between family demands and work life. I’m constantly trying to adjust my pace.

As you know, in the last few blogs (I know…it took me long enough to write a new one!) I wrote about my ongoing goal to write the screenplay for Last Train to Omaha. Last month, my husband and I ventured to New York City to attend Syd Field’s workshop on screenwriting. It was a fabulous experience and it made me think more about the direction of the screenplay for Last Train to Omaha – mainly, who would be the best character to carry the story through conflict to resolution.

My husband and I discussed it on the way home and wondered if Martin should be the main character to drive the script rather than James, the driver of the actual story line in the novel. We considered the comments put forward by you, the readers, who wrote about the depth of Martin’s character and the effect that he had on you long after reading the book. James may be the main driver in Last Train to Omaha, but Martin is the character charged with unveiling the truth that ultimately sets James free. Martin is also the father-like figure within the veteran’s hospital where much of the story is set. This may be a turning point in the development of the screenplay. If you have any thoughts on this I’d love to hear from you!

Speaking of thoughts – many people have posted their reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. I want to thank you all for the wonderful and positive reviews. Knowing how much this story has touched you honours me in ways I cannot express. For those who have submitted your honest and sometimes not so favourable reviews, I also thank you for making me see things in another light so that I can improve in not only the writing of my screenplay but my next novel, Egan’s Will. After all, this has been my first writing journey and it has not come without struggle and adversity. But, as in life, we must take all lessons learned in stride.

All the best and with love,


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